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Nice & easy! Travel requirements for the Retreat.

I've just got back from a cheeky, little work/break to Corfu and I wanted to share just how easy it was to navigate the travel requirement for amber list countries.

I must admit, I was a little concerned about having the correct paperwork and tests completed but I honestly was so surprised at how smoothly the whole experience was.

*Before I left I visited the government website to ensure I ticked all the right boxes. To travel abroad I needed to:

  1. Check the entry requirements for the country you are visiting- this included a Passenger Locator Form to be completed prior to departure

  2. Arrange any COVID tests you may need to enter the country- you could either show your COVID vaccination record as proof of being fully vaccinated or proof of testing negative by a COVID test such as the PCR test if you are not vaccinated.

  3. Ensure you have your COVID pass to show if you are vaccinated.

To return to the UK I needed to:

  1. Take a pre- departure COVID test taken 3 days before I travelled- I organised this before I travelled and took an antigen test kit with me. I then simply recorded via the companies video app taking the test and they sent me a Fit to Fly certificate within hours. There were also many pharmacies offering the service in the area.

  2. Complete a Passenger Locator Form for entering the UK

  3. Book and pay for COVID tests- Again, I organised this before I left, and purchased a Day 2 COVID test ( if you aren't vaccinated there are some different requirements, please click here for current rules) You do need a code from your COVID test to put on your Passenger Locator Form.

Honestly everything was so easy to do and simple to complete. I can't wait to be feeling the sun on my face, hear the waves on the beach and enjoying some chill out time with you all in 2 weeks in Valencia on our Pilates Retreat! There are still some places left and I would love you to join me!

Here are the websites I used to purchase my tests, there are many others though!

Antigen Test and Fit to Fly Travel Cert

Day 2 COVID Test

* All information is currently correct as of the date written but please double check the Government website for any changes.

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