Tarifa is a uniquely cosmopolitan town, historically and geographically significant as mainland Europe's southern-most point, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic.
Tarifa has a rich history from Roman, Moorish (AD714) to modern day, strong Spanish traditions. The magnificent ancient walled old town is full of churches, charming cafes, shops and bars with stunning views of Morocco, North Africa only 14km away.
There are 10 km of pristine, undeveloped white sandy beaches with the best kite / wind surfing in Europe.



Luxury and Comfort

Villa la Pena is an idyllic, secluded luxury villa with extensive, beautiful grounds. It has a Pilates studio, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, air conditioning and Wi-Fi.
It sits in a stunning, elevated position in the La Pena area of Tarifa, nestled between mountain and sea with a panoramic vista over miles of sandy beaches. It faces the Straits of Gibraltar, looking out east across to Morocco's Rif Mountains and west to the Port of Tangiers.
All rooms are beautifully decorated, with lots of light and the grounds offer a variety of calm, peaceful spaces to relax and enjoy the stunning views.There are six twin bedrooms, four en-suite and two with a shared bathroom. Towels and linen are provided.



Fresh and Tasty

The locally sourced, seasonal food will be the perfect complement to the Pilates training we do. There will be two freshly prepared, plentiful meals and vegetables and fruit from the Retreat garden can often be used. There will be fresh fruit, smoothies, tea, coffee and bottled water also provided. Alcoholic beverages will be included in the evenings.



Valencia holds a very special place in my heart as I lived and worked there for several years. It is a beautiful historic city, containing influences from Roman, Visigoth, Moorish and Medieval culture combined with cutting edge architecture. It has seven km of stunning beaches, long stretches of fine golden sand and clear blue sea. Valencia offers the perfect combination of an urban, city and beach Retreat.



Beautiful Oasis

Villa la Canada is a beautiful oasis of calm in the leafy suburbs of Valencia. The Villa is spacious with secluded gardens and has a Pilates studio, swimming pool and Wi-Fi. It is the perfect urban, city and beach Retreat, with the beach and city centre about 15 minutes away.
All rooms are beautifully decorated, with lots of light and the grounds offer a variety of calm, peaceful spaces to relax and enjoy. There are six twin bedrooms, three en-suite and two with shared bathrooms. Towels and linen are provided.